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Nicholas Hutchind

I love developing software! Taking a problem and creating a nice looking, intuitive tool that makes people's lives easier and more enjoyable gives me a thrill and a sense of satisfaction that I haven't found anywhere else.


Liberty University

Dec 2010 - Present

Senior Software Developer, Mobile Team

Led development for all things mobile at the university. Involved for reference and input with things related to mobile but not requiring development, such as decisions regarding mass texting, text-to-vote, etc, and university services which would eventually require mobile development, such as campus transit.

Developed within the existing Blackboard Mobile Central framework for iOS and Android. Supported feeds to provide data to the app. Researched various alternatives and options for a more fully fleshed-out mobile presence including Kurogo and PhoneGap.

Created various mobile microsites, often under very tight deadlines, for Commencement, Homecoming, and Student Activities.

Created university's Net Price Calculator for calculating the cost of attending Liberty.

Continued mentoring/teaching other developers regarding in-house systems, SCT Banner tables/data, etc. Was pulled into various other non-mobile projects due to this knowledge.

Liberty University

Jun 2007 - Dec 2010

Software Developer II, Student Life Team

Helped create a custom, in-house CRM using PL/SQL and Oracle Forms for use within Resident Recruitment. This included views for student bio, addresses and phone numbers, financial data, enrollment data, etc. Also created a calling queue organizer which would distribute students into calling queues for the Resident Recruitment call center.

Created a custom, in-house Student Conduct management interface in Adobe Flex (now Adobe Flash Builder) with a Java Spring backend to aid in reporting and tracking reprimands (demerits), facilitating a workflow for student meetings with RAs, Deans, etc, as well as issuing fines and receiving digital signatures from students.

Wrote matching software using Java Spring and Apache Mahout to match alumni with current students for an Alumni Mentoring program. Students would be shown the closest matching alumni based on many various criteria obtained via a form.

Wrote nightly feeds that processed students based on various business criteria, ranging from financial and judicial account holds, to processing online enrollment applications that had been completed but not fully submitted due to user error.

Influential in beginning the university transition to Java/Spring/Hibernate for larger applications.

Designated as a mentor/teacher for other developers seeking information regarding in-house systems, SCT Banner tables/data, and Java Spring/Hibernate.

Liberty University

May 2005 - Jun 2007

Software Developer I

Maintained and greatly enhanced a variety of web applications, including an announcements system, a professional development class management tool, a helpdesk ticketing system, an online payment system that accepts credit cards through, and many more.

Designed and developed several different web applications, including a Public Relations Experts Guide for the expert faculty and staff at Liberty, a survey to help comply with governmental standards, a graduation photo order form with shopping cart, and multiple various programs to aid in the everyday tasks of various different departments at the university.

Wrote Java feeds to convert and migrate data extensively from a legacy AS400 server to new servers running Oracle and SCT Banner. Modified the SCT Banner online enrollment application to use our in-house payment portal for application fees.






Other Useful Skills


Liberty University


Bachelor of Science in Computer Management Information Systems

After most classes were transferred in, remaining studies focused on PHP web development,, business management, and project management.

Participated in the Marching Band, Concert Band, and French Horn Quintet.

Germanna Community College


Associate of Applied Science in Information Systems Technology

Studies focused on Java, C++, the Software Development Life-Cycle, database design and project management.


Online Education

I'm always interested in educating myself. Lately, I've been utilizing the courses at as a means of expanding my skillset and learning new techniques. While the math involved was difficult in their Computer Science 373 course, "Programming a Robotic Car," I found the course to be very exciting and rewarding overall.


When it comes to books, I am a sponge. Some of my favorite books include:

Playing Music

I've been playing music for most of my life. Primarily a pianist, I've also developed skills playing trumpet, French horn, melodic percussion, and bass guitar. I've got a banjo and a guitar waiting for me to learn next.

Tabletop Games

I love playing tabletop games. Battlestar Galactica, Pandemic, Agricola, Carcasonne, Smash Up, etc. If it has a board and a lot of rules, I'm probably up for it.

Roleplaying Games

I am blown away by the narrative and versatility of games like Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, etc. Having a family with three young boys has made it difficult to get out and play for hours, but I'm starting to try and get them hooked on it by playing Hero Kids.